semi-permanent makeup lip embroidery

Semi-Permanent Makeup
Lip Embroidey In Singapore: What is it?

Semi-Permanent Makeup Lip Embroidery In Singapore :What is it? 

It is a procedure for the enhancement of your lips ‘ colour and shapes to make your lip appear more youthful-looking, fuller and more symmetric using semi-permanent micro-pigments. Micro-pigments get implanted into the epidermis layer of the lip’s skin with the use of nano-needles to give it a soft make-up look.

Permanent Makeup Lip Embroidery In Singapore

How is permanent makeup lip embroidery different from traditional lip tattooing?

In Singapore, there are two main differences between the current technique of lip embroidery and old fashioned tattoo. Firstly in lip embroidery, the nano-needle only penetrate the outermost layer of the skin as compared to old fashioned tattooing. The second difference is the kind of micro-pigments used. 

At JPro Beauty, we use high-quality micro-pigments imported from the US and Europe. This heavily controlled micro-pigments are to be used only in semi-permanent makeup such as lip embroidery. On the other hand, regular ink tattoo rich in metals are used in the traditional tattoo, allowing them to go deeper into the skin.

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Who is suitable for permanent makeup lip embroidery?

Basically anyone! Lip embroidery is aimed at improving the shape and definition of your natural lip, enhance the colour and lustre of your lips and above all add symmetry to your uneven lips. For clients who are prone to cold sores, do standby your medications.

How long does permanent makeup lip embroidery last?

Lip embroidery may last for two years on average. It depends mainly on the type of micro-pigments used. Organic micro-pigments typically last for 18 months while inorganic micro-pigments can last up to 2 years.

There are a variety of permanent makeup lip embroidery styles available In Singapore.

There are two types of lip embroidery styles in Singapore.

The first type gradient lips or ombre lips first entered the beauty scene in Korea a few years ago, but since then, they have gained momentum not only in other parts of Asia but also in other countries like America.

The 2020 gradient lip style is subtler, rather than the simple two tonal look common many years ago.

The second type is known as collagen lips. This style is suited for covering up lip hyperpigmentation (think of the lip colour of smokers). A well-done collagen lip embroidery evens out your lip tone while making your lips glow. The procedure often works to adjust the asymmetric lips and render the features proportionate. 

Overall, collagen lip embroidery improves the appeal of natural lip tones, strengthen and define the shape to create the perfect plumped-up look.

At JPro Beauty, our artist will discuss with our clients to decide the colour and style according to the client’s lip and skin tone.

Lip Embroidery Styles

After the procedure, how does my lip look?

It’s a known fact that lips are the most sensitive area of our body. Hence some swelling and a swollen feeling right after the procedure is expected, swelling will subside in a couple of days after the treatment, the colour will also look darker and more vivid in the first 48 hours. The great news is that lips tend to peel quicker than eyebrows, so it is best to a book your lip embroidery appointment on the eve of weekends to allow that 1-2 days for your lip to settle down. Peeling will continue over the next several days and  actual colour will appear after 6-8 weeks.

Does it hurt?

This is the question that we get alot from clients. With the application of local numbing cream, once the effect of the cream kicks in, the whole procedure is painless.

However, every individual’s tolerance for pain is different. Therefore some people might still find the procedure to have some slight discomfort.

How is the healing process like?

Healing will take around one to two weeks.

  • DO NOT touch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin fall out naturally. Picking can cause scarring and reduces micro-pigment retention
  • Avoid smoking after the procedure
  • Please avoid activities that will make you sweat excessively, i.e. sports, hot sauna, sun tanning  
  • Abstain from foods such as seafood, spicy food, raw food, dark coloured food etc. to avoid delaying the healing process
  • Refrain from using makeup or facial cleansers on treated areas
  • Standby your medications for cold sore if you are prone to it
  • Always apply our aftercare cream on your lips as instructed 
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for the micro-pigment colour to settle in
  • Hence touch-ups can only be done after 3 – 6 weeks after the procedure

Having understood more about lip embroidery, are you ready to get your lip embroidery? 

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