12 Important Facts On Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

12 Important facts on Eyebrow Embroidery in singapore

Over the last decade in Singapore, the Semi-Permanent Makeup industry, specifically eyebrow embroidery has evolved tremendously. We noticed an increasing number of people interested in semi-permanent makeup in Singapore because it provides them with convenience. Eyebrow embroidery as with the rest of the semi-permanent-makeup offers a significant saving of precious time without the need for spending time in doing makeup. Henceforth in a hectic lifestyle of a modern woman, who is constantly finding a work-life balance, this is one added benefit in addition to looking fabulous anytime and anywhere.

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1. What is eyebrow Embroidery?

When it comes to eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, there are several different terms used. You may have encountered names such as eyebrow tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, misty/ombre powder brow, microblading, 3D-9D korean brow, hybrid brow, and the list goes on. All of them, more or less, actually refers to the same thing.

Eyebrow Embroidery is a process whereby a brow artist or technician implants tiny amount of pigments beneath the skin, creating bold, natural-looking eyebrow shape. Typically eyebrow embroidery lasts from several months to several years.

It is also important to note that Pigments used during eyebrow embroidery are different from traditional body tattoos. Likewise, the depth of penetration during eyebrow embroidery is also much more superficial. Thus eyebrow embroidery is commonly referred to as Semi-Permanent Makeup in the Western World.

Over here in JPro Beauty, we adopt the use of high-quality micro-pigments, providing good colour retention in the skin. These micro-pigments will then slowly be broken down and reabsorbed by the body, leaving behind minimal traces of ugly hue.

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2. What are the Types of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore?

In the first place, eyebrow embroidery also loosely known as eyebrow tattoos can be broadly categorised into four categories in Singapore:

  • Misty/Ombre Powder Brow Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Hybrid or Combo Brow (a combination of Powder Brow and Microblading Brow) Eyebrow Embroidery
  • NanoHairstroke Embroidery
Just as previously mentioned, the different terms and names that you may have encountered thus far in your quest for the best eyebrow embroidery derive from these four main categories of eyebrow. They are categorised based on their brow effect.

Misty/Ombre Powder Brows

Misty/Ombre Powder Brows are methods that allow the creation of softly shaded brow pencil look. Both ways require the shading or “brushing” of thousands of micro-dots into the skin, creating a soft, light to dark colour transition coupled with a well-defined brow shape.

As much as both styling techniques results in the creation of a soft-powdered filled brow, Misty Brow tends to create a more dramatic look when compared to Ombre Brow.

 In Misty Power Brows, micro-pigments are deposited more in-depth into the skin resulting in longer-lasting colour retention. However, the disadvantage is a higher tendency for the colour to turn reddish-brown gradually over time because of blood interactions, which in the hand of an inexperienced artist will result in an ugly hue.

Benefits of Misty or Ombre Powder Brow

Misty Powder Brow or Ombre Powder Brow is excellent for all skin types, especially women with oily skin. Besides, it is suitable for women who prefer well-defined, powdered makeup look. As a matter of fact, this is the preferred style during brow corrections and cover-up of old eyebrow embroidery or scars within the brow area in Asia. 

We can undoubtedly kiss goodbye to brow makeup and lousy brow days with Misty or Ombre Powder Brows.

Microblading Brows

Microblading is a method of eyebrow embroidery which utilises ultra-fine needle blades to create strokes that mimics our real hair manually. This method of eyebrow embroidery is taking the beauty industry by storm.

It is this method where 3D-9D eyebrow embroidery spun off. To make it simpler for understanding, the more experienced the microblading artist, the higher Ds you will receive and the more realistic your eyebrow will turn out to be.

During the Microblading process, the blade coated with micro-pigments makes small incisions on the skin, in the direction of natural hair growth and thus enabling pigments implantation into the skin. Due to the nature of the technique, strokes created are very realistic and hair-like. In summary, microbladed eyebrows produced from the hands of an experienced artist are so natural that you almost couldn’t differentiate it from real hair.

Benefits of Microblading

Microblading eyebrow embroidery is ideal for both men and women with thin or sparse eyebrows as well as someone looking to redesign their brows. Due to the nature of microbladed eyebrows, it also offers the flexibility of different brow design every 1-2 years.

hybrid/Combo Brows

For ladies looking out for stunning natural-looking brows, Microblading eyebrow embroidery is the number 1 choice. Whereas for ladies with oily skin, the upkeep for maintaining that natural-looking eyebrow might put them off from getting their eyebrows microbladed.
Therefore they are prevented from owning a pair of stunningly natural, beautiful looking brows.

Herein comes Hybrid Brow, which retains natural hair-like stroke of microblading, combining it with the softly shaded brow pencil look from Misty/Ombre Powder Brow. It retains very well on oily skin and gives you bolder but less dramatic eyebrows appearance with natural-looking hair-like strokes mimicking real hairs.

The brow process starts with the usual method of Microblading, creating realistic hair-like strokes following in the direction of hair growth. After the Microblading process, a hand-held machine than shade the micro-pigments in between the hair strokes. The result? An eyebrow that looks very natural with hair-like strokes at the front arch of the eyebrow which slowly transits into a powdered look as we move towards the end of the arc.

Benefits of Hybrid/combo Brows

Hybrid Brow is excellent for ladies with oily skin who prefers natural hair-like strokes. It is the perfect choice for ladies that want something bolder than microblading but less dramatic than Misty/Ombre Powder Brows. This technique also provides an alternative option for covering old eyebrow embroidery and scars within the brow region.

NanoHairstroke Brow Embroidery

NanoHairstroke, also known as Digital Microblading, Digital Hairstroke etc, is the latest revolutionary advance eyebrow embroidery technique everyone is raving. It has slowly taken over Microblading as the number 1 option for anyone looking for sophisticated hair-like strokes that mimics natural brow hair. Previously, Microblading has eluded many ladies because they are not suitable candidates for this technique.

  • Oily skin
  • Large pores
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Frequent sweating due to regular working out, menopause, etc
  • Alopecia
  • Thyroid conditions

During NanoHairstroke embroidery, we create very natural hair-like strokes that mimic your natural brow hair using cutting-edge technology. 

Deposition of micro-pigments into the skin at equal depth allows the creation of crisp straight lines that are more precise and finer than Microblading. There is minimal interaction between blood and micro-pigments due to penetration depth, which results in even more natural and longer-lasting hair-like brows. 


Benefits of NanoHairstroke Brow Embroidery

NanoHairstroke works best with oily skin and is also suitable for all skin types and all ages. The equal depth of micro-pigments penetration creates razor-sharp crisp lines that are even more natural than Microblading. Due to the equal depth, brows are longer lasting and promote shorter healing time too!

3. Is Eyebrow Embroidery Painful?

In Singapore, one of the most commonly asked questions about eyebrow embroidery semi-permanent makeup also loosely known as eyebrow tattooing involves PAIN. Eyebrow Embroidery is not painful! But, some customers do experience mild sensation during the procedure. At JPro Beauty, in addition to the application of numb cream, we take an extra step to ensure the numb cream takes effect even before starting the process of eyebrow embroidery. 

In short, eyebrow embroidery will not be painful if using quality numb cream, and sufficient time is given for the numbing effect to set in.

4. How long does eyebrow Embroidery last?

In countries with a colder climate, Misty/Ombre Powder Brows and Hybrid/Combo Brows will last between 2-3 years on average with a colour refresh in between. Microblading, on the other hand, will last between 1.5-2 years on average with a colour refresh within the first six months. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our climate in Singapore, we observed there is a general reduction of 6 months in colour retention.
Ultimately this serves only as a general guide and how long will the eyebrow embroidery last also depends mainly on the followings:

  • quality of pigment used
  • depth of micro-pigments
  • lifestyle
  • skincare regimes.
  • overexposure to sunlight

For Microblading eyebrows, the following will directly result in a significantly shorter period of colour retention:

  • overexposure to sunlight,
  • constant skin exfoliation
  • oil control skincare products

5. How long does eyebrow embroidery process take?

The whole eyebrow embroidery process takes approximately 1.5-2 hours on average. This includes brow shaping and numbing.

6. How long is the eyebrow embroidery healing process?

In general, the eyebrow embroidery healing process usually takes around 1 to 2 weeks. To ensure your eyebrows are healing correctly as well as increasing the duration of colour retention, we advise following the post-treatment aftercare instructions closely.

7. What can i expect during the eyebrow embroidery healing process?

Over the next 7-14 days, depending on your skin sensitivity, you will experience the followings in varying degrees:

  • Soft and tender
  • Dryness and itchiness
  • Mild swelling
  • Slight Redness
  • Scabbing

Do not worry as it is our body’s usual inflammatory response during healing.

During the first 1-2 days after your eyebrow embroidery, your eyebrow will appear noticeably darker, and the area will be soft and tender. In the majority of cases, the underlying skin will continue to be slightly red, causing the site to look darker.

Next, on the third day onwards, dryness and itchiness will set in accompanied by scabbing. Please do not pick off any scab and refrain from touching the area.

Usually within the first 7-14 days, the colour will fade between 30-50%. Degree of fading depends on the depth of micro-pigments implanted, skin type and amount of sunlight exposure.

Once scabbing stops, the eyebrow will appear softer and natural-looking.

Colour will finally settle in around 1-2 months, remember to make an appointment with your brow artist for touch-ups during this period if colour retention is not to your liking.

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8. Will eyebrow embroidery fade completely?

Yes, it will gradually fade over time if there are no regular touch-ups as pigments used in eyebrow embroidery are semi-permanent in nature. Over time, the pigment will be broken down and reabsorbed into the body. 

Let me explain how did the “permanent” part of eyebrow embroidery come about. Deposition of pigments into the skin usually results in the pigments entering the dermis of the skin. During the healing phase of eyebrow embroidery, our body defensive system will treat this pigments as “foreign invaders”. It will start to “build a wall” to surround them, with the intention to protect the body from harm. In due time, it will form scars and embeds it, making it a “permanent” part of the dermis.

Which eyebrow embroidery gives the most flexibility?

Amongst the three types of eyebrow, microblading tends to fade faster as micro-pigments are at an even shallower depth in the skin. For this reason, it gives us the most flexibility in terms of changing style.

However, whether your eyebrow embroidery fades into an ugly hue largely depends on the quality of micro-pigments used. Inferior quality pigments will result in uneven fading, increased likelihood of colour change as well as migration of colour. 

main factors affecting eyebrow embroidery fading

There are various factors at play which affects the rate of pigments fading:

  • quality of micro-pigments
  • depth of micro-pigments
  • lifestyle
  • skincare regimes
  • overexposure to sunlight

Also, your own skin’s biology and chemistry, and how good are the Brow Artist are also factors which affect fading.

9. what to expect during the eyebrow embroidery process

To start things off, the brow artist will begin a detail consultation to explore both the different style as well as the type of eyebrow embroidery suitable for you. Also, at JPro Beauty, we take an extra step to ensure that our client’s result and expectation of their eyebrow embroidery aligns with us. We know eyebrows are the centre of our facial expressions, and therefore, we have a saying over here at JPro, “happy clients, happy brows.”

With this settled, we will proceed to apply the numb cream next. Numb cream will significantly reduce any pain or discomfort that may arise during the eyebrow embroidery process. Holding on to this thought, we are generous with our numb cream application and will only start your eyebrow embroidery process after numbing effect takes place.

While waiting for your numb cream to take effect, the artist will begin mapping your brow in accordance to your facial morphology. At JPro, we will also get our client’s feedback during this phase on the suitability of the eyebrow drawn and adjust whenever necessary. After eyebrow mapping, the brow artist will begin choosing a suitable colour pigment base on the colour of your skin tone, hair and preference.

From our years of eyebrow embroidery experience in Singapore, we noticed clients usually choosing a lighter colour tone out of concern that their eyebrow embroidery may appear too dark. We will tell our clients this concern is unfounded because, after the eyebrow healing process, your eyebrow colour will turn one to two shade lighter than the original tone. So, our advice is to opt for a darker tone pigment during the eyebrow embroidery process.

Lastly, once the numb effect takes over, we will start the process of “tattooing”. It takes 1.5-2hours on average for the eyebrow embroidery process.

10. How do i take care of my eyebrows after my eyebrow embroidery session?

Well, if you think after spending that bag of money your eyebrows are ready to make other ladies envious, think again.

A good eyebrow embroidery result depends on three major factors:

  • Experience of the brow artist
  • Quality of pigment used
  • Post eyebrow embroidery aftercare

But before we dive right into the aftercare instructions, we will like to emphasise that strict adhering of eyebrow embroidery aftercare is as important as choosing the right salon with the right artist using the right products in Singapore. As much as you and I lead a hectic life finding the balance between work and life, might as well be a little more proactive in carrying out and observing the aftercare instructions for the brow result to be worthy of our bag money.

Here is the series of aftercare instructions to take care of your eyebrows after your embroidery session ranked on their importance:

  1. Take note and do not get your eyebrows wet as it directly affects colour retention. Dab your brows dry if you got them wet accidentally.
  2. Apply the recommended aftercare products as informed.
  3. Do not peel away any scabs and let it fall naturally. Otherwise, healing and colour retention will be affected.
  4. Refrain from unnecessary touching or scratching. We know it’s hard, try your very best.
  5. Please do not apply any skin-care products or makeup over your eyebrows as it will result in uneven fading, leading to break down of colour pigment.
  6. Refrain from scheduling any facial treatment during the healing process.
  7. Take note and do not overexpose yourself to sunlight (what we meant is sunbathing).

what to do if my eyebrow gets wet?

Suppose you got your eyebrows wet, there is no need to freak out. A little splashing of water over your eyebrows, a few raindrops or sweat tickling down your face are minor issues. But if you forgot you just had eyebrow embroidery, went for a swim or an intense exercise. Most likely you have done some major damage to your eyebrow embroidery (especially if you did microblading).
Well, thankfully there is the option of eyebrow embroidery colour refresh, also known as touch-ups in Singapore. We understand the difficultly in remembering and follow all these tips and instructions, especially in Singapore, with all of us leading such a hectic lifestyle. Hence an eyebrow embroidery touch-up allows your eyebrow to continue staying on fleek!


11. What to do if my eyebrow embroidery appear too dark?

Like what was mentioned earlier, from our years of eyebrow embroidery experience in Singapore, we noticed clients usually choosing a lighter colour tone out of concern that their eyebrows may appear too dark. We will tell our clients this concern is unfounded because, after the healing process, your eyebrow colour will turn one to two shade lighter than the original tone. Hence our advice is not to opt for a tone that is too light during eyebrow embroidery.

It is normal if your eyebrow embroidery appears dark during the first few days after your eyebrow embroidery. Do have some patience, once the healing complete, your eyebrow will look natural. Having said that, if you are concern over the dark brows, then try not to schedule any meetings 3-4 days after your eyebrow embroidery.
Lastly, observe the aftercare instructions closely and please do not apply anything other than the recommended aftercare products on your eyebrow!

12. Can Eyebrow Embroidery Be Removd?

Yes, we can remove eyebrow embroidery or tattoos; however, if its only a minor issue, eyebrow correction can be done by an experienced professional.

On the other hand, if the issue is major and you are losing sleep from it, the following solutions are available:

In Singapore whenever discussing tattoo removal, the most common answer we get is laser removal. Even though the result is proven, the unpleasant experience coupled with cost and length of treatment puts off many women. Therefore there became a need to explore other alternatives to laser in tattoo removal, and this was how non-laser tattoo removal came into the spotlight.


What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Here in Singapore, there are quite a number of aesthetic clinic that provides laser tattoo removal using either Pico or Nd:YAG laser system. Regardless of laser system used, both works to break down pigments into smaller particles to allow for absorption into the body. Laser tattoo removal treatment needs to be spaced out over a few months to allow for reabsorption as well as healing. As for the number of sessions required, it depends on two main factors:

  • pigment depth
  • pigment colour
Do speak to a qualified Aesthetic Doctor to find out more.

What is Non-Laser Tattoo Removal?

Non-laser tattoo removal involves the use of a specially formulated solution in the tattoo area, interacting with the pigments and draws it out to the skin surface. The method of delivering non-laser tattoo removal solution is similar to eyebrow embroidery.

Non-laser tattoo removal is less painful and quicker than laser removal. It works very well when the treatment area is small. Unlike laser removal, the colour of pigment does not matter. If you ask us, we recommend non-laser tattoo removal one day or one week after your eyebrow embroidery or tattooing.

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Who are suitable for non-laser tattoo removal?

It is most suitable for the following group:

  • old eyebrow tattoos or embroidery
  • brows unevenly done
  • uneven colour migration
  • anyone unhappy with their brow work

How does Non-Laser Tattoo Removal work?

The non-laser tattoo removal formula works almost instantly after pulling the tattoo ink to the surface of the skin.
Over the next several days, scab containing pigments will appear around the area receiving treatment. In the subsequent sessions, there is no need for concern if you noticed more pigments removed as pigments are deep within the skin. As a matter of fact, a treatment course of non-laser tattoo removal usually requires at least three sessions. Besides, it is not advisable to remove all pigments in one session as it results in scarring.

non-laser tattoo removal process

Firstly our artist will apply an anaesthetic cream to the to be treated area. The procedure will start once the numbing effect is on. After application of the non-laser removal solution, the solutions will be tattoo into the skin surface. This process is similar to eyebrow embroidery. Throughout the process of non-laser tattoo removal, the artist pays close attention and ensures your comfort. Lastly, the whole process requires 45mins.

taking care of my eyebrows after non-laser tattoo removal

  • Keep the treated area completely dry for two days.
  • Refrain from scratching or plucking the scab, allow it to flake naturally.
  • Do not use makeup for 10 to 14 days on removal area.
  • Refrain from scratching or touching the treated area or scab, let the scab flake naturally.
  • Protect treated area from unnecessary exposure to sunlight for two weeks (suntan etc.)
  • Stay away from steam room for two weeks
  • Stay away from swimming for two weeks.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or facial massage for seven days after removal.
  • Avoid facial treatments on treated areas for 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Lastly, apply our after-care cream for one month.

PhiRemoval as the number one choice in non-laser tattoo removal for eyebrow embroidery in singapore

Over here at JPro Beauty, we adopt the use of PhiRemoval as our number one choice when it comes to non-laser tattoo removal in Singapore for both eyebrow embroidery as well as other semi-permanent makeup.

Not only is PhiRemoval the safest, but it also preserves skin integrity and minimises scarring of skin tissues.


In conclusion, eyebrow embroidery not only accentuates our facial feature but also save us a lot of time from having to put on makeup, allowing us to sleep in a little longer or having more time for ourselves in the morning. Ladies! Are you ready to start waking up with gorgeous looking brows? 

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