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Before and after: lash lift and tint singapore

In Singapore, one effective way to change your look is with a lash lift and tint. After the easy, pain-free, and cheap treatment, your eyes look instantly brighter and more alert. As a result, making you look fresh and awake. Also, your lashes get the sexy curl you’ve always loved! That being so, think of it as curling your eyelashes.

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So What is Lash Lift and Tint?

A lash lift and tint treatment consist of two steps; both aimed to give you natural, fluttery eyelashes. The lash lift produces a curler ‘s effect. Thus it makes your lashes curve upward. In this case, it makes your eyes look brighter and alert. Besides that, a lash tint is like a brow tint and makes the eyelashes look longer and thicker.

To further enhance your lash lift and tint, we suggest you to try out Semi-Permanent Mascara (SPM) on top of lash lift and tint. SMP will make your lashes look even darker and fuller. Hence, giving you an incredible, eye-catching look for weeks without the hassle of daily touch-ups.

Over at JPro Beauty, our Keratin lash lift and lash tint products from Australia gives your lashes extra strength and keeps them healthy on top of giving you that dark and sexy curl.

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lash lift and tint vs lash extensions

One of the most well-known ways to create fuller lashes is by using eyelash extensions. Using a special non-irritant glue, the lash artist will attach synthetic eyelashes to your natural ones. Normally 80-140 lashes are placed per eye. Depending on how the lashes are placed, your eye shape can alter, and your existing lashes appear longer and thicker. At JPrBeauty, our extensions usually last 3-8 weeks. Although lash extensions may look more dramatic, a lash lift needs much lesser upkeep and lasts several weeks longer, and the treatment itself is faster as well as cheaper. Extensions can also weaken the natural lashes, whereas a lash lift and tint are safe and have no side effects.

before and after lash lift ant tint

before and after lash lift and tint in singapore

Your natural eye shape, length, and thickness will decide how dramatic your eyelashes are after lash lift and tint. If your lashes are almost lying flat or even pointing down, you’ll see a major difference after lash lift and tint. Most women see their eyes becoming more radiant and younger-looking after their lash lift and tint. Besides this, your eyelashes appear much longer, fuller and perfectly shaped.

how does lash lift and tint works?

The keratin lash lift  works to raise the lash from base to tip, like a mascara brush, so you can see its entire length. But instead of a brush, a silicone rod covered in a keratin formula will achieve this effect. Just as keratin is the basis to healthy hair, likewise this protein strengthens and also protect your lashes. Your eyes are closed in the entire process, which includes placing the lashes on the silicone rods, curling them upwards, then covering the strands with the keratin formula. Therefore this service takes about  45 minutes to an hour, which is so much faster than eyelash extensions.

Also worth noting, the larger the rod size, the softer the cur makes a difference depending on the desired style and the amount of curl you prefer.

before and after

lash lift and tint aftercare

In the first 24 hours, avoid water, visiting the steam room, eye make-up, and make-up remover. In general as with any lash procedure, water and dampness can easily affect the result.

After 24 hours, you should treat your lashes as normal – no need to change your make-up routine or stop washing your face.

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