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Makeup Tips For Your Eyelash Extensions

With Singapore re-opening beauty salons in Phase 2, you may be hoping to be able to get back to your lash artist for eyelash extensions. Hence we will be sharing with you tips and tricks for wearing makeup without ruining your eyelash extensions.

We get it, having eyelash extensions has its upsides. Also, they make it easy to show off thick, long and fluffy lashes, so we can get away with a no-makeup makeup look when there is no makeup! Then again with extensions, we sometimes want to turn up the look even more. So, what are the rules during makeup that does not ruin your eyelash extensions? Therefore, we have put up a list of do’s and don’ts.

Makeup Tip for your eyelash extensions 1: Avoid Oil Base Products

The oil will cause the glue that binds your extension to break down, so you should always look for oil-free makeup products. Not only you must use oil-free cosmetics, but also ensure that your makeup remover and regular skin regimen is oil-free. In the same way, using an oil-based makeup remover can cause your lashes to fall off.

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Make up tip for your eyelash extensions 2: Avoid Mascara

As much as you already look like you’re wearing mascara, it may be hard to resist to make your lashes look even fuller. Still, it’s not worth making your lashes bunch up together and risk weakening the lash glue. If anything, apply the mascara only to your lower lashes and use only oil-free products.

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Makeup tip for your eyelash extensions 3: Dont't wear waterproof makeup

It takes more work and time to remove waterproof makeup after a long and tiring day. With this in mind, another critical point to note in protecting your eyelash extensions is to wear makeup that allows removal at ease. Hence do not include waterproof makeup in your makeup regime.

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Makeup tip for your eyelash extensions 4: Comb through your lashes daily

Also, brush your lashes every morning as lash extensions tend to entangle with each other. Brush the lashes with a lash comb to straighten them out, but be careful not to pull. Another way to care for your lashes is to use an eyelash conditioner daily. Doing this will indeed allow your lashes to look perfect in between your lash top-ups.

Makeup tip for your eyelash extensions 5: Note the sort of eyeshadow that you are using

With the use of glitter base eyeshadows, there is a high chance of irritation to the margin of the eyelid. For this very reason, you must clean the area with an eyeshadow brush. Also, remove any excess powder from your brush before applying.

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Makeup tip for your eyelash extensions 6: Use a Powder Eyeliner

By now, we should have known to use oil-free product. So what else do we need to keep a lookout? Liquid and cream eyeliner can accumulate on your lashes and tug at your eyes when applying. Hence a better option is to use a powder eyeliner.

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