Eyebrow Embroidery

For the most part, eyebrow embroidery is a technique that implants coloured micro-pigments into the epidermis layer of the skin.

For this reason, it is excellent for thickening or darkening of your eyebrow as well as filling up the patchy area of your brows to achieve a powdered brow or natural perfect look!

In the light of strict hygiene standards that we set, we only use vacuum-sealed, single-use micro-needles. 

Here at JPro Beauty, we specialize in microblading and shading. To point out, the method of fusing microblading and shading is growing in popularity. That is to say, they give hair-like texture, coupled with shape, and depth. As a result, the outcome is a brow that looks natural.

Over here at JPro Beauty, our eyebrow embroidery comes with one touch-up session within the first six months.

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Frequently Asked Eyebrow Embroidery Questions

Most frequently asked questions together with answers

How long does the embroidery process takes?

In general, the entire process will not take more than  2 hours.

Where do you source your colour pigments?

As a matter of fact, our micro-pigments are responsibly sourced from the world-renowned institutions and also manufactured in Europe as well as the United States.

Is the eyebrow embroidery procedure painful?

No. To explain it further, the process of eyebrow embroidery is not only comfortable but also painless, as we will ensure that the numbing cream applied takes effect before starting. On the other hand, do inform our artist should you feel any discomfort, and we will re-apply the numbing cream.

How long does the peeling process last?

In the first place, peeling is a sign of skin healing and last for 1-2 weeks. The outermost skin layer undergoes micro-laceration during embroidery, hence enabling our SPM artist to deposit the pigments. With that in mind, there will be small amounts of bleeding and inflammatory response. Therefore the body produces tiny blood clots that come off as scabs in about 1-2 weeks.

Do i require touch-up sessions?

Because of its semi-permanent nature, we strongly urge you to return 3-6 months later not only for our SPM artist to check on your colour retention but also to do a touch-up of your eyebrow if needed.

What can you expect during your eyebrow embroidery appointment?

To begin with, our SPM artist always starts with a detailed consultation with you to discuss not only the expectations but also the results of the embroidery. With that in mind, we then proceed to apply the numbing cream over your eyebrows to reduce the pain not to mention the discomfort that can arise from the procedure. After this, our SPM artist will calculate and at the same time shape your eyebrows according to your facial morphology, the golden ratio, coupled with your preference.
Without delay, our artist then chooses a suitable micro-pigment for your eyebrows based on your natural hair and eyebrow colour. Next step, our artist will follow your natural eyebrow direction for a realistic eyebrow look in addition to applying micro-pigments over your eyebrows for maximal absorption into the skin. Last but not least, our artist will clean the eyebrow area thoroughly.

How long will the eyebrow embroidery pigment last?

In reality, it can last an average of 1-2 years. However despite that, the retention rate of pigment can vary between clients due to several factors. Henceforth, do speak to our SPM artist for more information.

What are the do's and dont's after eyebrow embroidery?

  • Avoid saunas 
  • Avoid swimming
  • Refrain from any laser or chemical treatments on face
  • Refrain from the use of cream for acne
  • Do not touch the treatment area to avoid scarring or removal of micro-pigment when the eyebrows are peeling during healing phase
  • Always apply our aftercare cream on your eyebrows as instructed
  • You may continue to exercise after your eyebrow embroidery
  • Do not use soap or cleanser over the brow areas
  • Dab brows gently with or without water during daily cleansing of your face with a soft towel

I have a history of herpes. It is recommended for me to undergo eyebrow embroidery?

In reality, it should not be an issue as long as you are not having an active outbreak in the area to be treated and up to the present time of treatment. Then again, an ongoing outbreak in regions outside of your eyebrows does not rule you out from getting your eyebrows embroidered. However, you may take longer to heal when your immune system is actively at work fighting the virus. But slower healing should not have any impact on your brow outcome. Conversely, you may want to consider taking prophylactic anti-viral treatment if you are prone to outbreaks after any procedures or stressful situations.

Will I experience hair loss in eyebrows after eyebrow embroidery?

Although it may be true that some hair loss may occur after embroidery. However, this is only temporary. After all, hair will continue to grow during the healing process.

Can my eyebrow Embroidery be removed?

Certainly! In fact, we can remove and at the same time correct semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery with the latest non-laser PhiRemoval technology that is effective and yet gentle to your skin. Consequently, you can read about PhiRemoval here or talk to our SPM artist for more information.

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