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Lip Embroidery Healing

Lip Embroidery healing

All of us wish to have alluring, younger-looking lips. However, many women are deterred as they are worried about the lip embroidery process as well as healing. It is also worth to note that even though eyebrow embroidery is common, lip and eyeliner embroidery are still uncommon. 

At the moment, if you are thinking of getting lip embroidery, then perhaps you may be facing the following issues:

  • too dark or pale
  • undefined lips
  • sensitivity to lipstick.

Similarly, it might just only be because you’re sick of  the frequent touch ups for your lips after meals or find it a hassle to remove your makeup.

Therefore I made the nerve-wrecking decision and that is to have my lip embroidery done by none other then MYSELF during Circuit Breaker. As much as it sounded crazy, I did it successfully with eyebrow embroidery previously (you can check out my video here) and I will be attempting lip embroidery on MYSELF this time. Unfortunately I was not able to take a video of the lip embroidery procedure this round because my hands were blocking the view all the time!

Day 1 -3 lip embroidery healing

What is Lip Embroidery?

To explain, lip embroidery process is almost similar to a regular tattoo: your artist uses a single-use, sterile tool to implant micro-pigments into the lip. On the contrary, unlike tattoo ink, micro-pigment is powder-based, which makes the colours much more natural and does not fade into a grey or green colour.

Micro-pigments used in lip embroidery

Present-day lip embroidery that uses micro-pigments fades even more naturally over time, in other words you can still go for touch-ups after a few years. Here at JPro Beauty, our high quality micro-pigments are FDA and CTL certified in both the US and Europe. For this reason, the colours will fade into a lighter tone over time. In addition, our micro-pigments are also vegan and cruelty-free! 

Process during lip embroidery

Under normal circumstances, the process is straightforward: 

  • firstly the artist would contour the outline of your lips, making sure you like the shape, 
  • next she will apply numbing cream and wait for it to come into effect. 
  • lastly, she starts the process of applying the colour via a sterile needle while reapplying the numbing cream as required to ensure comfort. 

As I pointed out in the earlier in this article that I’m doing it on myself, I still feel awkward doing all of the above even though I had previously posted video of myself doing eyebrow embroidery on MYSELF. From time to time, I have to pause and look into the mirror just to make sure I’m not disfiguring my own lip. Whereas with quality numb cream, there is really not much pain.

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Lip Embroidery Healing

healing post-lip embroidery

Without delay, let me start off by saying the healing process is what I always tell my clients.

To begin with, I’ve been getting the usual dry skin peeling for about a week without much issues. But then again, for some client, this is followed by some oozing of clear to yellowish-looking fluid from the lip. Despite that, I say don’t fret about it, as its only plasma which aids in the healing process. Otherwise, if the fluid is pus, it comes with an intense stinging and burning feeling, so it’s easy to separate the two. While during mealtimes, I ate slowly in the first week and had my food in smaller bits. Also, I drank all my fluids with a straw and made sure I cleaned my lips and reapplied the aftercare cream after every meal. If you are interested to find out more, do read the FAQ section here.

Fortunately, my lips weren’t too swollen, although that’s what  happens to other women with more sensitive skin. In such instances, ice your lips 10-15mins at night. After my first session, it took about three weeks for my lips to recover fully, and about six weeks for the colour hue to settle in. It was great! There were, however, few subtle spots where the colour requires some touch-ups.

Henceforth, touch-up sessions are a perfect time for you to consider your options. Do you prefer a more natural colour or more of that fresh, glowing, radiant colour without having to use lip gloss.

Day 7 -30

Should I go For Lip Embroidery?

To sum up, it certainly depends on how much you desire the followings:

  • a well-defined, perfect lip
  • concealing your dark or pale lip
  • looking amazing when you wake up with minimal effort

All in all, lip embroidery process will take 6-8 weeks for healing and for the colour to settle in. Hence I will strongly advise you to book your appointment after holidays or important events.

Lastly, this is a photo of me 1.5 months after lip embroidery without lip makeup.

50th Day Post lip Embroidery

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