Eyebrow Embroidery Course- Microblading

To begin with, eyebrow embroidery course-microblading teaches the semi-permanent way to create the most realistic eyebrow. In general, we use an ultra-fine blade needle hand-held tool. The person’s face shape defines the shape of the eyebrows drawn.

In fact, this method is best suited for anyone who wishes to either fix or perfect their eyebrows

Over here, our master-artist trainer Jade graduated from the world-renowned Phi Academy. On top of months of training, students also needs to pass the test set by the examiners to get the title of an Artist which is a point often overlooked.

Here at JPro Beauty, our master-artist trainer Jade graduated from the world-renowned Phi Academy. In addition to months of training, students must pass the test set by the examiners to get the title of an Artist. Henceforth, following months of not only training but also tests, she is now at the present time a Phi Artist.

Hence we can be sure students will get their money worth if they sign up with us! Besides in this course, students learn the right technique in microblading in the same way as Jade did. 

In time, they will be well-equipped to become an eyebrow microblading artist! Training takes place in an area that is not only safe, well-lit and ventilated but also well-equipped environment where students practice on sheets of mannequin skin. As soon as the students are ready for the next step, live practice on models can be arranged. In addition, teaching support for students will continue to be rendered even after their course completion. 

Therefore with that being the case, if you’re ready to build a thriving business and at the same time live your dream life, contact us now at this instant! 

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Eybrow embroidery Course- microblading Products

As a matter of fact, the purchasing of high quality product is also equally important. Hence in addition to the ongoing support for our students even after course completion, students will also be able to purchase our high quality products at a discount because we understand beginning is always the hardest! In other words, we go all the way in providing as well as supporting our students to achieve their best!

Eyebrow Embroidery- Microblading

Eyebrow Embroidery Course- Microblading

Eyebrow Embroidery Course- Microblading

Objective: To equip students with the skills coupled with confidence in microblading.

Requirements: Students do not need to have any experience in this field

Duration: 2 Days, from 10am to 6pm on both days

Class Size: Max 4 Students (Private training sessions are also available too)


  1. Intro to microblading
  2. Find out the steps in microblading coupled with micro-pigments
  3. Learn the skill in customizing eyebrows coupled with micro-pigments
  4. How to prepare your workstation.
  5. After-Care advice for clients
  6. Detailed practice session on microblading 
  7. Q&A Session
  8. Awarding of Certificates

Take Home Course Materials:

  1. Microblading Blade- 5x 
  2. Mannequin Skin- 3x
  3. Surgical Grade Numb Cream
  4. Micro-Pigment- 3 different colours
  5. Barrier Film
  6. Microbrush- 1 packet
  7. Microblading Pen
  8. Pigment Rings- 5x
  9. Eyebrow Calipers 
  10. Brow-Shaping Pencil
  11. Eyebrow Measurement Caliper 

All in all, a total of 11 items in addition to our certification!!!

Course Fees:

$1288 Usual Price

Now $988 Nett

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