A uniquely formulated tattoo extraction formula that starts working almost immediately, drawing the original tattoo upwards, towards the skin surface

Scabs containing the tattoo ink forms over the treated area over the next several days. While the skin is healing, even more unwanted tattoo ink gets drawn out.

The scab will naturally fall off, extracting unwanted tattoo ink.

Some customers will experience scabbing a second time, and with its removal, even more tattoo ink will follow

Keep the treated area dry after the procedure and as long as you have scabbing on the skin.

The removal of a tattoo, micro-blading, or PMU most likely will require two or more treatments depending on the desired level of removal.

Since every customer is different with different products under the skin, the removal effect is determined after the skin has healed post-treatment.

By using PhiRemoval, we can achieve amazing results by fading previous tattoos and then covering them up or completely removing the tattoo.