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different eyebrow embroidery In Singapore

I’ve got a lot of questions about semi-permanent makeup. As a matter of fact, the number one question, no matter where I go, not to mention which I keep getting, is this: what’s the difference between the various eyebrow embroidery in Singapore? so I thought it was time to explain. 

First of all, no one style is better than the others, because after all everything has got to do with personal style, as well as skin type and colouring.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to discover the different eyebrow embroidery in Singapore and find the one that suits you the most.

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Best eyebrow embroidery salon in singapore

Best Brow embroidery salon in singapore

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Microblading eyebrow embroidery

In recent years, Microblading has ruled the beauty industry. A very realistic eyebrow can be produced with a hand-held manual tool, producing countless hair-like strokes by implanting micro-pigment under the epidermis of the skin. In other words, microblading mimics actual hair and not to fill brows such that they’re appear filled with a pencil, or shadow like what misty or ombre shading does.

To explain, brows done with microblading eyebrow embroidery look very natural. That is to say every stroke looks like real hair if done by an experienced artist.

Due to our shallow depth of penetration of the micro-pigment under the skin, for this reason microbladed eyebrows are the least permanent of all eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. Thus, they need to have more frequent touch-ups amongst various eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. In fact, clients usually come back for a touch-up between 6-12 months. 

All things considered, this technique is great in particular for someone who:

  • has sparse or patchy brows
  • wants to redesign their brows
  • does not fill up their brows often

Different eyebrow embroidery In Singapore

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Ombre Shading/Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

It is important to realise that these methods has been around for decades, but it has progressed gradually. First thing to remember, Ombre shading is more like a old fashioned tattoo that requires the insertion of thousands of micro-dots of pigment into the skin, forming a defined shape and colour. With this in mind, brows can look quite natural by not saturating the intended brow design 100% with pigment and enabling a defined as well as soft look. 

Here at JPro Beauty, we specialize in 2 forms of powder-filled brows; Ombre Shading and Misty Brows

In Ombre Shading eyebrow embroidery, because the micro-pigments get implanted on the outermost layer of the skin. Over time the colour will gradually fade into a lighter shade but does not change with time. While in Misty Brows, there is an extra step of depositing the micro-pigments deeper into the skin manually using a nano-needle as a result gradually forming a defined shape and colour.

Hence Misty Brows appears more dramatic as compared to Ombre Shading brows.

As the micro-pigments are deposited deeper into the skin in Misty brows, for this reason there is a higher tendency for colour turning towards reddish-brown gradually over time due to the interaction with blood. But do note that change of colour is not due to poor quality micro-pigment.

Both uses longer-lasting tattooing method and work with most skin types, including oily skin. For this reason, clients return for touch-ups around 12-18 months. To point out another key point, the brow is also fuller and defined than microblading.

Ombre Shading/Misty brows are excellent for someone who:

  • has oily skin type
  • prefers the soft-powdered filled look
  • regularly fills brow with pencils or shadows.
  • needs masking of old existing eyebrow embroidery/scars 

Different eyebrow embroidery In singapore

Misty Brow Correction

blog misty brow correction before


blog misty brow correction after


Hybrid Eyebrow Embroidery

Remember, when I said there’s no BEST method? As a matter of fact,  it’s real. But in spite of it, between you and me, the hybrid brow is my favourite. In the first place, this technique combines both microblading and ombre shading/misty brow not only giving hair-like texture, but also definition together with depth.

Moreover combining microblading with ombre shading/misty brow gives hair-like texture as well as depth and appears less dramatic as compared to powder-filled brows.

However cost of Hybrid eyebrow embroidery in Singapore will be slightly more than the other two methods.

Hybrid brow is great for someone who:

  • has oily skin type
  • prefers the hair-like texture, definition and depth.
  • regularly fills brow with pencils or shadows.
  • needs masking of  old existing eyebrow embroidery/scars 

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Different eyebrow embroidery in singapore

NanoHairStroke Eyebrow Embroidery

Everyone is buzzing about NanoHairstroke eyebrow embroidery, also referred to as Digital Microblading or Digital Hairstroke, the latest groundbreaking advance in eyebrow embroidery. It has gradually overtaken Microblading as the preferred method for those who want to achieve hair-like strokes that replicate the look of hyper-realistic natural brows. Previously, anyone who leads an active lifestyle or has an oily skin complexion was not ideal for Microblading. Nevertheless, all has changed as anyone now can achieve hair-like strokes that replicate the look of hyper-realistic natural brows!

NanoHairstroke eyebrow embroidery uses cutting-edge technology to generate strokes that look and feel just like your own brow hair.

Microblading, on the other hand, can also achieve the same level of precision and fineness ONLY in the hand of an experienced and skilful artist!

NanoHairstroke can benefit all skin types but works best for anyone with oily skin or anyone leading an active lifestyle! The even depth of micro-pigments depositions creates razor-sharp and crisp lines, shorter healing time and longer-lasting eyebrows!

Different eyebrow embroidery In singapore

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