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Eyelash Extensions In Singapore: what do i need to know?

Eyelash Extensions In Singapore- What Do I Need To Know?

Who does not want longer and voluminous lashes among the ladies in Singapore? Eyelash extensions not only shape our eyes but also make them appear bigger, giving our eyes more depth and definition. Nevertheless, the time it takes to add ten mascara coats or applying falsies every morning implies precious sleeping time wasted. Henceforth, in comes the eyelash extensions: the solution to everyone looking for the wake up with makeup look!

Through eyelash extensions, you can have semi-permanent eyelashes that will last up to  6-8 weeks, and you get to eliminate a few steps of your morning makeup routine. Furthermore, they are highly customisable: you can choose the exact type of lash you would prefer.  In general, to achieve eyelash extensions, we add lightweight yet safe lashes to your natural eyelashes. Usually, they are affixed with precision using a safe medical-grade adhesive.

Therefore, here’s all you need to learn about eyelash extensions in Singapore before you get them and if you’re curious but aren’t sure where to start. Once you are ready, you must also go to a reputable beauty salon which offers quality lash and services!

Eyelash Extensions In Singapore

Eyelash Extensions in Singapore

Are eyelash extensions worthwhile In Singapore?

In contrary to gluing a strip of falsies onto your lash line, a lash technician attaches the semi-permanent eyelashes onto your eyelashes with the help of medical-grade adhesives. Since lash extensions don’t come in rows, they are versatile and look natural. In reality, with excellent after-care (later on), it will last six to eight weeks, before it falls off naturally, as your natural lashes usually do.


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Will it damage my eyelashes?

Although this may be true, there is no proof at the present time that eyelash extensions will harm our natural lashes. However, there is still a small percentage of women acquiring traction alopecia if the extensions were not done correctly in reality. It is a condition whereby natural lashes fall out due to them being pulled continuously.

For this condition to occur, it typically takes years of poor eyelash extensions and inadequate care for lifelong damage. Hence it is recommended to go to a trustworthy salons with positive reviews. In addition, please also ensure that your lash artist washes her hands and wear a mask!

Eyelash Extensions In Singapore

There are so many different styles; how do I determine which style is the most suitable?

Do you always want to have extensions like Kim Kardashian? Excellent- but you may not be suitable. By and large, the style that you should go for largely depends on two criteria: the length and strength of your natural lashes.

With this in mind, if the style of extension that you are wearing is too long or thick then your natural lashes, it may potentially damage your natural lashes in the long run.

Does all this sound confusing? Fret not- a good lash artist will explain to you and guide in helping you make the right decision for your extensions. An experienced lash artist will advise you not only on the density but also length and curl based on your facial morphology and state of your natural lashes.

Do I need to remove my eyelash makeup before my eyelash extension appointment?

We will need to remove any eyelash makeup present before your eyelash extension to ensure that anything that may potentially impact on how your extension turns out is removed.

Eyelash Extensions Styles in Singapore

Am I allowed to swim or shower with my eyelash extensions?

You should wait for at least 24hours after your eyelash extension if you intend to swim or exercise especially in Singapore. You need to be gentle to your eyelash extensions and ensure it doesn’t come into contact with excessive water, sweat or oils.

Exposure to too much water, sweat or oils weaken the adhesive bonds of the extensions. You can shower after your eyelash extension appointment but, please be mindful not to dampen your eyelash extensions.

Is eye makeup recommended with eyelash extensions?

We don’t recommend wearing mascara as friction caused during the removal process as well as the use of makeup remover will result in your extensions breaking.

As for eyeliner, refrain from using removers that are cream-based as they usually contain oils and wax which will break down the lash adhesive bonds.

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Will washing my eyes affect my eyelash extensions?

Yes, we advise our customers to use cleansers for use with eyelash extensions as some products may potentially contain chemicals that will weaken the adhesive bonds resulting in your extensions dropping off. Alternatively, you may gently clean your face with a wet towel.  For removal of eye-makeup, use oil-free pads and wipe gently downwards during cleaning. The most important thing to note is to avoid tugging or rubbing actions on your eyelashes.

Must I brush my eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can get entangled. Hence we will advise you to brush your extensions gently using a micro-brush every morning when you wake up a well as before you sleep.


Eyelash Extensions In Singapore- What Do I Need To Know?

All right, before you decide to have eyelash extensions, there’s a lot to consider. It is certainly worth consulting a specialist and getting a consultation if you believe mascara doesn’t cut it entirely for you and you’re ok with the additional upkeep and cash required to have an eyelash extension.

But, before you do something, you can read more on our eyelash extensions FAQ as well as some makeup tips.

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